ABV - Common breeding birds in Flanders, Belgium



The ABV breeding birds dataset is a sample based dataset contains more than 4500 human observation events with over 200 000 common breeding bird observations. The breeding birds project is a joint initiative of the Institute for Nature and Forest Research (INBO) and the Vlaamse Vogelwerkgroep of Natuurpunt, in collaboration with Natuurpunt Study.

The data is collected to discover trends in long term breeding bird occurrences in Flanders and is used for the EU reporting on trends, distribution and future prospects of the species listed in the Annex 2 and 4 of the Habitats Directive.
Date made available1-Jan-2017
Temporal coverage1-Jan-2007 - 1-Jan-2016
Date of data production1-Jan-2007 - 1-Jan-2016
Geographical coverageVlaanderen


  • Natura 2000
  • Birds Directive

Thematic List 2020

  • Data & infrastructure
  • Protected nature

Taxonomic list

  • birds (Aves)

Thematic list

  • Birds

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