European Seabirds At Sea



In 2022, INBO migrated the ESAS database (formerly hosted at JNCC) to ICES Data Centre. This migration was carried out in the outflow of a WOZEP project intended to revitalise the ESAS database. In the process the database was subjected to a thorough revision, including a revised data model and substantial data quality control. At the moment of writing (09/01/2023), the database hosts data supplied by 14 institutes from 7 countries, and includes almost 2.7 million observations of birds and marine mammals.
Date made available10-Jan-2023
Temporal coverage1-Jan-1979 - 1-Jan-2022
Date of data production1-Dec-2022

Geographic list

  • North Sea

Thematic list

  • Sea and coastal birds

Thematic List 2020

  • Data & infrastructure

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