European stag beetle monitoring network: transect observations

  • Arno Thomaes (Creator)
  • Sylvie Barbalat (Creator)
  • Marco Bardiani (Creator)
  • Laura Bower (Creator)
  • Alessandro Campanaro (Creator)
  • João Gonçalo Soutinho (Creator)
  • Deborah Harvey (Creator)
  • Colin Hawes (Creator)
  • Marcin Kadej (Creator)
  • Marcos Mendez (Creator)
  • Markus Rink (Creator)
  • Sarah Rossi De Gasperis (Creator)
  • Sanne Ruyts (Creator)
  • Lucija Šerić Jelaska (Creator)
  • John Smit (Creator)
  • Adrian Smolis (Creator)
  • Al Vrezec (Creator)
  • Dimitri Brosens (Creator)



European stag beetle monitoring network: transect observations is an occurrence dataset published by the Research Institute of Nature and Forest (INBO). This dataset contains transect data for Lucanus cervus, collected using a standard protocol (European stag beetle monitoring network ESBMN).


The ESBMN is a European citizen science projects with participants from the Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Natuurpunt, University of Zagreb,, Hirschkäferfreunde-Nature two e.V., Centro di ricerca Difesa e Certificazione, Reparto Carabinieri Biodiversità di Verona, Natural History Museum “La Specola”, University of Florence, European Invertebrate Survey, University of Wrocław, Associação Bioliving, Belgorod State University, National Institute of Biology, Rey Juan Carlos University, Switserland, I.I.Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, People’s Trust for Endangered Species, the Royal Hollway University of London and independent researchers.
Date made available17-Mar-2023
Temporal coverage5-Jul-2007 - 9-Sep-2020
Date of data production5-Jul-2007 - 9-Sep-2020
Geographical coverageEurope

Thematic List 2020

  • Protected nature
  • Data & infrastructure

Taxonomic list

  • stag beetles (Lucanidae)

Thematic list

  • Insects

Free keywords

  • stag beetle
  • monitoring
  • occurrence
  • priority species

Geographic list

  • Europe

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