Waarnemingen.be / observations.be - List of species observed in Belgium

  • Kristijn Swinnen (Creator)
  • Louis Bronne (Creator)
  • Marc Herremans (Creator)
  • Karin Gielen (Creator)
  • Tim Adriaens (Creator)
  • Thomas Baartmans (Creator)
  • Dirk Baert (Creator)
  • Hubert Baltus (Creator)
  • Rutger Barendse (Creator)
  • Margaux Boeraeve (Creator)
  • Kris Boers (Creator)
  • Johan Bogaert (Creator)
  • Nils Bouillard (Creator)
  • Stéphane Claerebout (Creator)
  • Geert De Knijf (Creator)
  • Dirk De Beer (Creator)
  • Pallieter De Smedt (Creator)
  • Raphaël De Cock (Creator)
  • David De Grave (Creator)
  • Augustijn De Ketelaere (Creator)
  • Isra Deblauwe (Creator)
  • Lieven Decrick (Creator)
  • Daan Dekeukeleire (Creator)
  • Henry Deraedt (Creator)
  • Jelle Devalez (Creator)
  • Jens D'Haeseleer (Creator)
  • Gerald Driessens (Creator)
  • Dirk Eysermans (Creator)
  • Jean Fagot (Creator)
  • Rens Hendrickx (Creator)
  • Robert Jooris (Creator)
  • Ward Langeraert (Creator)
  • Eddie Lavreys (Creator)
  • Koen Lock (Creator)
  • Garben Logghe (Creator)
  • Koen Maes (Creator)
  • Nicolas Mayon (Creator)
  • Erik MOONEN (Creator)
  • Jonas Mortelmans (Creator)
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  • Wout Opdekamp (Creator)
  • Kris Peeters (Creator)
  • Robert Pieters (Creator)
  • Marc Pollet (Creator)
  • Jorgen Ravoet (Creator)
  • Flor Rhebergen (Creator)
  • Anna Schneider (Creator)
  • Stijn Segers (Creator)
  • Robin Septor (Creator)
  • Jan Soors (Creator)
  • Jeroen Speybroeck (Creator)
  • Chris Steeman (Creator)
  • Roosmarijn Steeman (Creator)
  • Arno Thomaes (Creator)
  • Bart Uitterhaegen (Creator)
  • Loïc van Doorn (Creator)
  • Peter Van der Schoot (Creator)
  • Tom Van den Neucker (Creator)
  • Edwin van den Berg (Creator)
  • Paul Van Sanden (Creator)
  • Sam Van de Poel (Creator)
  • Carina Van Steenwinkel (Creator)
  • Pieter Vanormelingen (Creator)
  • Pieter Vantieghem (Creator)
  • Wim Veraghtert (Creator)
  • Dominique Verbelen (Creator)
  • Goedele Verbeylen (Creator)
  • Floris Verhaeghe (Creator)
  • Fons Verheyde (Creator)
  • Hans Vermeiren (Creator)
  • Win Vertommen (Creator)
  • Theo Zeegers (Creator)
  • Jorg Lambrechts (Creator)
  • Wouter Vanreusel (Creator)
  • Jean-Yves Paquet (Creator)
  • Peter Desmet (Creator)



Waarnemingen.be / observations.be - List of species observed in Belgium is a species checklist dataset published by Natuurpunt and Natagora. Waarnemingen.be (in Dutch) and observation.be (in French) are the two local Belgian subsites of the global observation.org website. The checklist comprises 18.785 species observed in Belgium. Here, it is published as a standardized Darwin Core Archive and includes for each species: the scientific name, higher classification and stable taxon identifier (in the taxon core), its status (native, introduced) and first and last observation date per region (Flanders, Brussels Capital Region, Wallonia) in Belgium (in the distribution extension).

Only observations which were approved by species specialists based on provided evidence (photograph or sound), or which were approved based on expert judgment by the validating experts were considered for publication (see Swinnen et al. 2022 for the validation procedure). Observers’ data-sharing settings were respected at all times. When the first or last observation from a species in a region was not to be shared, observers were contacted to request an exception for this species list. In the few cases this authorisation was not acquired, the next (for the oldest record) or previous (for the most recent record) observation date was considered for publication.

This species list does not represent a complete overview of Belgian biodiversity, only species that are recorded in the citizen science platforms waarnemingen.be and observation.be. Other datasets and checklists have to be considered for the compilation of a complete Belgian overview.
Date made available9-Dec-2022
Temporal coverage1-Jan-1900 - 6-Feb-2022
Date of data production1-Jan-1900 - 6-Feb-2022
Geographical coverageBelgium

Geographic list

  • Flanders
  • Wallonia
  • Brussels-Capital region
  • Belgium

EWI Biomedical sciences

  • B003-ecology

Thematic list

  • Fauna
  • Flora

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  • checklist
  • citizen science
  • species list
  • animals
  • plants
  • fungi

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  • Data & infrastructure
  • Invasive species
  • Protected nature

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