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Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The Management team (MT) is INBO’s general management body. It is responsible for the overall direction and control of the organisation, and plays a facilitating and coaching role.

Overall direction
INBO aims to be relevant to policy and society on matters relating to nature and forest. The MT’s permanent challenge, therefore, is to identify the core themes and needs on which the organisation should work, through close consultation with external partners and INBO staff. On this basis, the MT defines a contemporary mission and vision for INBO and, by extension, sets its longer-term research strategy.

The MT creates the framework and conditions within which staff members can work together in a context of motivation and interdependence and present an image of unity, engagement, scientificity, independence and objectivity to policymakers and other partners. To this end, MT members work together in a collegiate team setting, balancing priorities at INBO level. They take care of horizontal control tasks and research themes that cut across the activities of individual teams.

Facilitating and coaching
The MT team facilitates the day-to-day functioning of the support and research teams by considering and responding to their different needs in line with existing capabilities and priorities. Where necessary, desired and/or requested, MT members assume a coaching role for teams and team members.



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Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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  • ABV - Common breeding birds in Flanders, Belgium (post 2016)

    Piesschaert, F. (Creator), Vermeersch, G. (Creator), Brosens, D. (Creator), Westra, T. (Creator), Desmet, P. (Creator), Van De Poel, S. (Creator), Feys, S. (Creator) & Pollet, M. (Creator), 7-Oct-2021


  • / - List of species observed in Belgium

    Swinnen, K. (Creator), Bronne, L. (Creator), Herremans, M. (Creator), Gielen, K. (Creator), Adriaens, T. (Creator), Baartmans, T. (Creator), Baert, D. (Creator), Baltus, H. (Creator), Barendse, R. (Creator), Boeraeve, M. (Creator), Boers, K. (Creator), Bogaert, J. (Creator), Bouillard, N. (Creator), Claerebout, S. (Creator), De Knijf, G. (Creator), De Beer, D. (Creator), De Smedt, P. (Creator), De Cock, R. (Creator), De Grave, D. (Creator), De Ketelaere, A. (Creator), Deblauwe, I. (Creator), Decrick, L. (Creator), Dekeukeleire, D. (Creator), Deraedt, H. (Creator), Devalez, J. (Creator), D'Haeseleer, J. (Creator), Driessens, G. (Creator), Eysermans, D. (Creator), Fagot, J. (Creator), Hendrickx, R. (Creator), Jooris, R. (Creator), Langeraert, W. (Creator), Lavreys, E. (Creator), Lock, K. (Creator), Logghe, G. (Creator), Maes, K. (Creator), Mayon, N. (Creator), Moonen, E. (Creator), Mortelmans, J. (Creator), Muls, D. (Creator), Opdekamp, W. (Creator), Peeters, K. (Creator), Pieters, R. (Creator), Pollet, M. (Creator), Ravoet, J. (Creator), Rhebergen, F. (Creator), Schneider, A. (Creator), Segers, S. (Creator), Septor, R. (Creator), Soors, J. (Creator), Speybroeck, J. (Creator), Steeman, C. (Creator), Steeman, R. (Creator), Thomaes, A. (Creator), Uitterhaegen, B. (Creator), van Doorn, L. (Creator), Van der Schoot, P. (Creator), Van den Neucker, T. (Creator), van den Berg, E. (Creator), Van Sanden, P. (Creator), Van de Poel, S. (Creator), Van Steenwinkel, C. (Creator), Vanormelingen, P. (Creator), Vantieghem, P. (Creator), Veraghtert, W. (Creator), Verbelen, D. (Creator), Verbeylen, G. (Creator), Verhaeghe, F. (Creator), Verheyde, F. (Creator), Vermeiren, H. (Creator), Vertommen, W. (Creator), Zeegers, T. (Creator), Lambrechts, J. (Creator), Vanreusel, W. (Creator), Paquet, J. (Creator) & Desmet, P. (Creator), Natuurpunt, 9-Dec-2022


  • Medetera species with multi-coloured eyes in southern Europe

    Pollet, M. (Creator), Andrade, R. (Creator), Gonçalves, A. (Creator), Álvarez Fidalgo, P. (Creator), Camaño Portela, J. L. (Creator), Belin, F. (Creator), Mortelmans, J. (Creator), Brosens, D. (Creator) & Stark, A. (Creator), 26-Oct-2022