2B Connect - More biodiversity in business parks

  • De Smet, Lieven (Project leader)

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INBO is one of 19 partners who will be working over the next three years on more biodiversity in business parks in the border region Belgium-Netherlands. Its role is to develop arguments showing that investments in biodiversity in business parks pay off.
More and more companies want to organize and manage their terrains in a nature-oriented manner. The green infrastructure thus created plays an important role in linking nature across the border. On top of that planting trees and shrubs ensures better air purification and less noise. It also creates a pleasant setting for outdoor activities.
But often businesses lack the knowledge and support to work in a more nature oriented manner. From January 2016 to December 2018 2B Connect helps at least 70 companies in organizing their terrains greener. Through training 2B Connect offers tools such as a biodiversity scan that helps companies include biodiversity in the way they work. The project is also developing a calculation tool that wil show companies why it pays to invest in green infrastructure. In Flanders and the Netherlands there are already several projects for more biodiversity in busines parks. This European project is a very important addition tot hat list.
2B Connect receives 3,012,583 euros through Interreg Flanders-Netherlands over the next three years in order to bring companies and biodiversity closer together. Interreg Flanders-Netherlands is a European fund for regional development in the Belgium-Netherlands border region.
Effective start/end date4/01/163/01/20

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