ABMS - Automated monitoring of birds, bats and insects through sound and image recognition

Project Details


Repeatable sampling methods that can automate and extend the scale and resolution of biodiversity monitoring are urgently needed to achieve robust estimates of long-term trends. The aim of ABMS is to evaluate methods using new technologies to monitor multiple species groups at a transnational (European) scale. More specifically, we will: a) Establish a coordinated, international acoustic and image-based monitoring network for insect, bird and bat species. b) Improve image recognition for insect species and sound recognition for birds and bats. c) Identify advantages and limitations of real-time species monitoring with these methods, and d) Demonstrate the workflow of sensor-based biodiversity monitoring.
Effective start/end date1/01/2431/12/25

Thematic List 2020

  • Protected nature
  • Soil & air