Advanced Liquid Biofuels for advanced engine concepts enabled by advanced wood breeding and catalysis

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AD-LIBIO is a fundamental research project funded by the Energy Transition Fund. It aims to develop a new biofuel from locally refined wood from short rotation coppice (SRC) production. The biofuel is ideal for blending into conventional fuels, and in time it will also be able to be used by itself in applications that are difficult to electrify, such as freight traffic. Profitability, quality and sustainability in the value chain are important project drivers.

INBO contributes to the impact analysis of the SRC production system. Within this system, cuttings of fast growing tree species (often poplar or willow) are planted with a high density and harvested mechanically every 2 to 5 years. This can provide a high biomass yield and, depending on how and where it is done, add value to nature and the local economy. In the analysis, we look at the effects of SRC on biodiversity, ecosystem services, the landscape and society in general. This on local scale as well as on regional and national level. Of course, we do not lose sight of the international context either.

We are currently selecting some SRC practices for these analyses. Do you have a SRC or do you know an interesting case? Do not hesitate to contact us!
Effective start/end date1/03/2030/06/24

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