Advisory services in connection with MAP (Manure Action Plan) verification committee

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For each parcel of grassland in the areas referred to in Article 41bis, § 1, first paragraph, of the Manure decree of 22 December 2006, the Manure Bank (Mestbank) mentions in its database whether or not the parcel is an intensive grassland. To this end, the Mestbank uses the most recent biological valuation map of the INBO, supplemented, where applicable, by the data resulting from a recent visit by an expert commissioned by the Mestbank. The expert carrying out a site visit shall draw up a report in which he shall state the biological valuation of the plot in question. This report is submitted to the INBO. If the INBO does not object within two working days after receipt of the report, the qualification included in the expert's report will be accepted. If the INBO does object to the qualification mentioned in the report, it shall report this within two working days of receipt of the report. Within seven working days of receipt of the report, the INBO informs VLM of its qualification of the plot concerned, together with the information on which this qualification is based.
Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/24