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In agricultural areas, arable birds are in bad shape. This is recognised and monitored by policy.

But things go at least as badly - if not worse - with arable flora.

However, arable flora is a' forgotten' group - there are only a limited number of nature reserves that set the conservation objective of arable flora, and these species are not visible in the policy objectives.

Arable fields flora is characterized by a relatively resistant seed bank, which makes them ‘brave survivors'. However, intensive agricultural practices are too much of a good thing for these survivors. In slightly more extensive situations, these species can be forgiving. For example, in the case of nature development projects, they appear to be sporadically reviving.
Not only ad hoc, but also policy-wise and more strategically, there may be opportunities or starting points for these species: in reserves, in set-aside areas, in the PDPO greenery (non-productive edges), in the BOs. The nature policy of other Western European countries also provides a starting point.

On the one hand, this project aims to provide an up-to-date state of affairs on the state of arable flora and arable plant communities and, on the other hand, insight into the deployability of policy instruments, and the gaps that may exist.

In this way, this project can contribute to raising awareness about the precarious situation of our arable flora.
Effective start/end date21/12/1731/12/18

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