Assessment framework of ecosystem services in spatial policy

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Through the publication of the Nature Trends Report, policy makers at RWO have become more aware of the importance of ecosystems, the natural cycles that occur there and the services they provide to society, the so-called ‘ecosystem services'. Ecosystems and their green-blue circuits provide society with various services (such as cooling in the city or pleasant space for leisure activities in the countryside) and products (such as food and clean water). By carefully designing the space carefully, several ecosystem services can be provided in both built-up areas and open spaces, which improves the quality of life in various areas.
Through the development of one (or more) concrete case(s), policy makers at RWO want to increase knowledge about the social added value of spatial investments in the provision of ecosystem services. In the final analysis, research can lead to the inclusion of a spatial assessment framework for ecosystem services in the event of spatial changes.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/17