Belgian Biodiversity Platform

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Answering policy needs
We serve as an interface between Belgian researchers and descision-makers at national and global level. We act as a catalyst for the integration of research into biodiversity science policy and we ensure that the visibility and engagement of Belgian scientists in global initiatives is enhanced.

Catalysing the improvement of research processes
We act as a central catalyst to the development and support of new biodiversity research initiatives in Belgium. Through a diverse set of activities such as conferences, trainings, experts consultations, and workshops we serve the Belgian biodiversity research community by allowing them to generate, assess and use knowledge on biodiversity. We also frequently organise horizon scanning exercises to identify strategic developments of existing activities as well as new issues related to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and its components.

Knowledge interfacing and sharing
We intend to build mutual understanding and shared knowledge among diverse communities. One of our specificities lies in our activities establishing a direct dialogue between scientists, decision-makers and practitioners, who generally work with the same objectives in mind (the sustainable use of biodiversity and long-term solutions to societal issues based on scientific evidence) but with different tools, different levels of understanding of complex issues, and with different sets of language. For this reason, we have established “Communities of Practice” to bring together relevant knowledge holders and stakeholders on specific topical issues.

Enabling data publication and data use
We promote free and open access to biodiversity data in line with our responsibilities as Belgian national node to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). We support Belgian research teams in the publication and use of biodiversity data through dedicated data portals and by developing and hosting databases.
Effective start/end date13/04/1331/12/24

Thematic List 2020

  • Data & infrastructure