Biomonitoring of Nieuwkapelleplas for construction of floating solar panel farm (EVINBO)

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The Watergroep's ambition is to be energy-neutral by 2030 and to this end is looking at various options for generating renewable energy. In addition to land and buildings, water bodies are also coming into the picture for the production of renewable electricity. A floating solar panel park is being set up on the water surface of Nieuwkapelleplas in Diksmuide, taking up a maximum of half of the pond's surface area. The effects on water quality and the ecology of the pond are not known and represent a knowledge gap.

This project involves monitoring various biotic groups, mapping system characteristics and describing the water quality of the Nieuwkapelleplas. This study consists of two phases. A first phase includes the condition assessment before construction of the solar farm and the second phase includes the effects on the pond and its life communities of the solar farm after construction.
Effective start/end date15/05/2315/03/25

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