Control of Timber Operations (EVINBO)

Project Details


In a timber sale, trees sold on the site are marked by scaling them. When logging, only scaled trees are to be felled. ANB wants to check how many mistakes are made in this process, i. e. how many unscaled trees are felled, and how many scaled trees are left standing (only errors that constitute a problem or have a financial impact, especially the big trees).
In order to answer this question, in addition to the data from the catalogue of the batches concerned, data collected by ANB on a random basis can be used to check whether or not too many logging operations are being carried out. However, this randomised approach leads to uncertainty (if the test area accidentally contains the logging road, the risk of felling or damage to unscaled trees is much greater than average), which means that the data at test area level should not simply be extrapolated to the level of the plot.
We will fine-tune the calculation method and make it available as a function (s) in an R-package, so that ANB can apply this method of calculation to new data in a simple manner afterwards.
Effective start/end date1/11/1730/06/18