Develop general guidance and practical roadmap for public lighting

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The Flemish climate plan envisages a complete phase-out of public lighting (PL) by 2030. Many municipal or regional PL master plans were already drawn up more than five years ago without taking into account the impact of light pollution on biodiversity. This project is a follow-up to the literature study by INBO commissioned by the provinces.

Based on this literature study and the darkness necessity map, INBO will draft a guidance document. In parallel with the development of a general guide, a practical 'lighting' guide will be drawn up in the context of the licensing policy. This will specifically address the impact of lighting on the (favourable) conservation status of species to be protected in Europe (see Nature Decree, annexes II, III and IV).
Effective start/end date1/04/2331/12/24

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  • Protected nature
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