Development of a clear ecosystem services language and corresponding website

  • De Smet, Lieven (Project leader)
  • Vught, Inne (Cooperator)

Project Details


Nature today is all too often perceived as putting a brake on our welfare. In order to reverse this perception, we need to learn to better explain what nature does for us. In this way, we place nature at the centre of society so that we can broaden the current arguments for nature conservation and development.
In order to communicate effectively about what nature does for us and how it can help us to solve problems, we need a clear language that everyone understands. The current ecosystem services jargon is not suitable for this purpose.
The INBO, the Agency for Nature and Forest (ANB) and the Department of the Environment, Nature and Energy (LNE), together with a whole group of other partners, have developed a clear ecosystem services language. This is a language that allows us to communicate clearly with a wider audience about nature benefits.
The foundation of a clear ecosystem services language has already been laid in the framework of the NARA-B 2016 Nature Report. The current project is building on this. The intention is to expand the language, to make it more usable online, and disclose it via a website.
Effective start/end date1/06/1730/06/18

Thematic list

  • Policy
  • Ecosystem services