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The Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) is a new world-class research infrastructure for European natural science collections. It targets both physical and digital curation of these collections and aims for joint management practices and access policies. Within DiSSCo Flanders, INBO will focus on the themes (i) living trees and shrubs, (ii) soil archive and (iii) DNA-sample collection. The inventory and evaluation of existing collections will form the basis for a collection management plan specifying the priorities to reach a higher status of collection management for both physical and digital assets. To this end we will implement existing Best Practices, or recommendations which are being worked out in the European DiSSCo-consortium. Increasing accessibility and opening up collection data according to the FAIR principles will also constitute a key activity of this project.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/24

Thematic List 2020

  • Data & infrastructure
  • Envisaging a global infrastructure to exploit the potential of digitised collections

    Groom, Q., Dillen, M., Addink, W., Ariño, A. H. H., Bölling, C., Bonnet, P., Cecchi, L., Ellwood, E. R., Figueira, R., Gagnier, P-Y., Grace, O. M., Güntsch, A., Hardy, H., Huybrechts, P., Hyam, R., Joly, A., Kommineni, V. K., Larridon, I., Livermore, L., Lopes, R. J. & 16 others, Meeus, S., Miller, J. A., Milleville, K., Panda, R., Pignal, M., Poelen, J. H., Ristevski, B., Robertson, T., Rufino, A. C., Santos, J., Schermer, M., Scott, B., Seltmann, K. C., Teixeira, H., Trekels, M. & Gaikwad, J., 30-Nov-2023, In: Biodiversity Data Journal. 11, e109439

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