Dubergbroek: investigation into the topography and hydrography in the framework of nature restoration (LIFE+ Hageland) (EVINBO)

Project Details


On behalf of Natuurpunt Beheer vzw, the water management of the Hagelandse Vallei (Winge Vallei) nature reserve is mapped to understand how the surface water system influences the nutrient balance in the area. The aim of the study is to estimate the potential for recovery of seep-dominated grassland and alluvial carrs, and to formulate recovery measures.
Two parts are distinguished:
1) Inventory and interpretation of existing ecological and hydrological knowledge, topography, level and flow data, distribution of indicative species, drainage system overview
2) drawing up potential maps for a series of groundwater-dependent habitat types: carr and seep-dominated grassland types.
Effective start/end date1/09/1531/12/17

Thematic list

  • Grasslands
  • Valley- and marshwoods
  • Nature management