Eco-hydrological study: Bolisserbeek and Dommel in preparation of the realisation of the conservation objectives (EVINBO)

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The Bolisserbeek & Dommel Valley (Limburg) belongs to the limitative list of groundwater dependent SPA areas for which there is a lack of knowledge in order to be able to achieve the conservation objectives (IHD) in a well-founded manner. That is why ANB wishes to draw up an eco-hydrological system description based on the collection of reliable measurement data of ground and surface water (dynamics and chemical composition), simple soil data (distribution of peat deposits and nutrient status), vegetation and data of species requiring attention. All these data need to be compiled, interpreted and synthesised in an eco-hydrological system description, with the realisation of the pre-determined conservation objectives for the area in mind. It will therefore be necessary to compare the current situation in the SPA with the required site conditions for the different target habitat(sub-)types, to determine the target distance and to propose possible remedial measures. A conclusion will assess and discuss the feasibility of the predetermined targets.
INBO will mainly take care of the section abiotic data collection and processing and interpretation to the eco-hydrological system description.
Effective start/end date1/03/191/03/21

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  • Climate

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  • Soil & air