Ecohydrological characterisation of the Mombeek valley and its springs

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The Mombeek sub-basin includes several sub-areas of the Special Protection Area (SBZ) delineated for the Habitat Directive (SBZ-H). In these areas, there is an urgent need for (additional) insight into the geo-ecohydrological functioning in order to restore the natural values.

This ecohydrological study consists of two parts. One part examines the eco-hydrological functioning of the brook valley system in the Mombeek brook and its tributaries. Another part deals specifically with the ecohydrological functioning of the many springs in the area where calcareous water gushes out: tufa formations.

Many of the current natural values in both brook valleys and springs are in a poor to very poor state of conservation. With this study, we want to map the
atural\ system that should be present here, and determine the target distance between that natural system and the current state. To this end, we are deploying a wide range of research instruments, such as measuring networks for ground and surface water quantity and quality, geological drilling, ground and surface water modelling and vegetation descriptions. Based on this, we inventorise the disturbance factors and devise solutions for these bottlenecks.
Effective start/end date17/11/2217/11/25

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  • groundwater
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