Ecohydrological study LIFE + Helvex Kalmthouse Heide section Stappersven (EVINBO)

Project Details


On behalf of Natuurpunt Beheer EVINBO carries out an eco-hydrological study in the area Stappersven - De Nol (part of the BE2100015 area Kalmthoutse Heide) in view of the realization of the conservation objectives of the Habitats Directive. The study particularly looks into the possibility of recovery of water resources, taking into account the past PIDPA water extraction at De Nol and the ongoing extraction in Huybergen (Nl). Specific requests were investigating the possibilities of long term bog restoration at De Nol and optimal water resources management in the Stappersven part and surroundings, with a view to the optimal recovery of damp and peaty moorland, bog ban vegetations, and after that dry and psammophile heather.
Effective start/end date1/09/1531/01/18

Thematic list

  • Habitats