Ecosystem services assessment of Kluisbos

Project Details


In function of the development of the vision and planning of the Kluisbos area, an ecosystem services (ESS) analysis is requested. The intention is to supplement the spatial analysis and alternative scenarios with ESS and the associated values, bottlenecks, preconditions and opportunities. It is expected that the local and supra-local potential of the Kluisbos will be better understood in terms of its relationship with surrounding functions. The ESS analysis will include the micro-scale (Kluisbos), the meso-scale (including Berchem, Amougies, Ruien, Kwaremont) and the macro-scale (level of the Flemish Ardennes, Kortrijk, Oudenaarde, Ronse and Walloon Tournai region).
Effective start/end date12/12/1830/06/21

Thematic list

  • Ecosystem services
  • Woods and parks

Thematic List 2020

  • Forest
  • Nature & society