EMfloodResilience: Mapping the impact of the summer flood 2021 along the river Meuse to optimise future river management and policy

Project Details


In the framework of the Interreg Euregion Meuse-Rhine project EMfloodResilience, INBO, in cooperation with several partners (Rijkswaterstaat, Maas in Beeld, ...), is mapping the ecological impact of the extreme summer flood event of 2021 on the aquatic and terrestrial plant and animal communities along the Common Meuse and translate this into suitable management actions.

Additionally, INBO are developing a directly applicable instrument: a decision support model prototype map (DSS-map) aimed at reconciling the objectives of safety and naturalness. Results of the ecosystem-model ECODYN of INBO will be combined with data, numerical model runs, legislative maps, monitoring data such as ecotopes, vegetation, agriculture use,... Based on all this data a first qualitative system diagram of the prototype of a decision support system will be developed in close collaboration with nature and river managers.
more info: https://emfloodresilience.eu/
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/12/23

Thematic List 2020

  • Protected nature
  • Water
  • Climate

Free keywords

  • Natura2000
  • wetlands
  • valley
  • climate