EU reporting: updating of the EU sites database (Standard Data Forms, SDF)

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The EU sites database contains the relevant policy information for all Habitats and Birds Directive sites. In addition to the demarcation of the sites, it contains a general description and ecological information about the species and habitat types appropriate for that site and information about the pressures and threats to which the site is exposed. The importance of the site for other species can also be indicated. Whenever there is a change to the demarcation of a Special Protection Area (SPA) of the Natura 2000 network or new or improved information with policy relevance, the sites database must be updated and submitted to the European Commission. The DEMNA (Département de l'Etude du milieu naturel et Agricole) coordinates this for Belgium, but INBO prepares the adjustments to the standard data forms in consultation with ANB. This database is accessible both via the European website ( and via AGIV (
Effective start/end date1/01/1231/12/50

Thematic list

  • Natura 2000 and conservation objectives

Thematic List 2020

  • Protected nature