Fish injury, mortality and passage at te pumping station Groot Schijn

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Pumping stations in a watercourse impede the free migration of fish and cause the ecological functions of a watercourse not to be used or to be only partially used. The Flemish Environment Agency (VMM), as water manager, is increasingly switching to more fish-safe pumps and jacks. In order to make a good choice, it is important that the testing of alternative pumps takes place in a standardised manner. The Groot Schijn Pompgemaal (PGGS) in Deurne has two pipe jacks and four storm jacks. The pumping station pumps water from the river Schijn to the Albertkanaal.

INBO will evaluate the effects of both jack types on fish and on upstream fish migration.
The fish safety of both types of jacks is partly determined by:
- fish survival, this is the extent to which damage to fish and fish mortality occurs when trying to pass the pumps
- the fish passability, i.e. the extent to which fish can migrate downstream and upstream through the pumping station
Effective start/end date1/09/211/07/23

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