Genetic analysis of the starting population of natterjack toad at the introduction in the Zwin area (2017-2019)

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After the restoration of the habitat of the natterjack toad in the Zwin, a reintroduction of this species was started. INBO advises on implementation and adaptive management, and carries out genetic monitoring of the reintroduction.
Concrete questions to be answered are:
- What is the genetic profile of the introduced population the natterjack toad in the Zwin area?
- Are the numbers of specimens released and the genetic diversity sufficient to form a healthy population?
These data thus provide the baseline situation, for which screening of the genetic status at later times (2-3 years after introduction, at the time of reproduction of the first cohort of adults) will be compared, and in later generations.
Effective start/end date18/12/1731/12/23

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