Green-blue networks in Flanders (Gobelin) (EV-INBO)

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This project for the Flemish agency for spatial planning aims to operationalize the concept of green-blue networks (GBN) in order to support future policy and implementation actions. In a first step, a common-agreed definition of GBN will be developed in a participatory way with all concerned stakeholders, while considering biodiversity, climate and quality of life objectives. Based on this definition, a demarcation of the existing green-blue network in Flanders region and the potential for expansion and qualitative strengthening will be mapped. In a last step, agencies with concrete plans for GBN will be assisted in order to better understand the challenges and opportunities of implementation of GBN.
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Effective start/end date19/10/1718/11/19

Thematic List 2020

  • Agriculture
  • Nature & society

Thematic list

  • Geographical and policy