Habitat use and site fidelity of curlew

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The strong decline of the curlew gave rise to its protection on an international scale. The Flemish contribution within this broader international framework was made through the drafting of a species protection programme (\ SPP\) for meadow birds in Flanders.
This project fulfils part of the objectives of this SPP by mapping the habitat and site fidelity of the curlew in Flanders.

Over the last two decades, the curlew population in Flanders has experienced a decline of about 50-60% and is now on the Flemish Red List as 'vulnerable'. Knowledge is lacking in order to understand the causes of the sharp decline. This knowledge is very difficult to gather by observation. It is expected that results can only be obtained through colour-ringing campaigns combined with transmitter surveys.

More knowledge on habitat use in Flanders is needed for successful establishment and appropriate management of suitable habitats for curlew. INBO will investigate habitat use of parent birds and chicks using GPS transmitters, VHS transmitters and colour rings.
Effective start/end date1/04/2231/12/24

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