Hydrological Monitoring Zwin (EVINBO)

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The section carried out by EV INBO focuses on monitoring the hydro-morphodynamics and the fresh/salt water dynamics of the flood water (and to a lesser extent the groundwater). The aim is to enable an integration between hydrology/hydrography and morphodynamics on the one hand and vegetation development on the other hand.
By over the entire area monitoring the water level through fully perforated monitoring wells, it is estimated how far the tide penetrates (flood range), how long the tide remains standing (flood duration) and what are the supplied tidal volumes that can penetrate the salt marsh floor. The areas studied are the 'old' Zwinvlakte, where the tidal regime can change drastically due to a strongly changing supply gully dimension (location and size), and the newly reclaimed area, where the focus will mainly be on the tidal regime (flood duration/dryfall duration of mudflats, pioneer salt marsh zone) at various distances from the breach and the tidal regime near the entrance to the reclaimed land zone.
Effective start/end date12/06/1931/12/21

Thematic List 2020

  • Protected nature
  • Soil & air

Thematic list

  • Freshwater-seawater transitions
  • Monitoring networks