INFORMA - science-based integrated forest mitigation management made operational for Europe

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the overall objective of the INFORMA project is to increase and share the science-based knowledge on multi-objective SFM under climate change. More particularly, it will address the trade-offs and synergies between different objectives considering the environmental integrity, social acceptability and economic feasibility of future European forest management practices, while maintaining carbon sinks in the short-, medium-, and long-term, in addition to supporting genetic diversity, biodiversity conservation, and maintaining soil water resources in different European regions. This overall objective will be realized through the following specific objectives:
• Create and foster an intellectually stimulating nexus of continuous interaction between different stakeholders of the forestry sector at regional scale to identify problems and needs and exchange (best-practice and scientific) knowledge and project results for its dissemination and implementation;
• Quantify relationships between forest management characteristics at local/regional scale and their biogeochemical and biophysical interactions with the atmosphere through remote sensing and inventory-based data mining for a more accurate estimation of how forest ecosystems affect climate processes;
• Identify and whenever possible quantify the environmental, technical and socio-economic barriers and opportunities of forest-based mitigation and adaptation strategies through a meta-analysis of previous work and new stakeholder outreach;
• Propose spatially explicit portfolios of best regional multipurpose SFM practices for different Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) adapted to regional conditions and circumstances from a particle swarm modelling and enriched with expert knowledge and experience from the stakeholders;
• Recommend technical and economical improvements to existing carbon certification mechanisms to better integrate forest carbon and especially SFM practices;
• Disseminate project results among decision makers, forestry stakeholders and the general public to improve the social acceptability and the economic feasibility of forest-based mitigation actions through “integration fora” at national and international level;
Effective start/end date1/06/221/06/26

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