Invasive alien species: improvement of understanding and communication

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It is widely recognised that preventing invasive alien species from being introduced and spreading (i.e. IAS biosecurity measures) is far more cost-effective than managing and eradicating IAS once they have established. This project will pilot novel methods to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive alien species (IAS) in the EU through communication and cooperation with stakeholders. It intends to support the implementation of the EU’s 2020 Biodiversity Strategy, in particular Target 5, as well as Regulation (EU) 1143/2014 on the prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species (the IAS Regulation).

The general objective of this project is to constructively engage a variety of stakeholders, with a view to reducing the level of conflict and misunderstanding around IAS, strengthen the prevention, reduce the number of new invasions and protect biodiversity, in particular aiming at:
1. raising awareness and understanding on the problem of biodiversity loss and other damages resulting from IAS and the required preventive measures among stakeholders involved in pathways of introduction and spread of IAS,
2. improving communication and cooperation among stakeholder organisations (involved in cause, impact and/or management of IAS) and competent authorities on IAS and on measures to prevent the introduction and spread of IAS,
3. strengthening the implementation of the preventive measures in the IAS Regulation (in relation to the IAS of Union concern9), and
4. preventing invasions by species not listed as IAS of Union concern.

More specifically, the project aims are
1. To identify knowledge gaps, differences in understanding and perspectives and potential conflicts on IAS and their prevention among sectors and competent authorities involved in at least five clusters of pathways of introduction and spread of IAS (causes as well as impacts);
2. To facilitate dialogue, improve the level of understanding in all directions, and enhance cooperation among these sectors and competent authorities;
3. To prepare IAS prevention campaigns to be implemented by these sectors and competent authorities, in order to improve the implementation of the IAS Regulation (IAS of Union concern and other IAS) and reduce the risks associated to the selected pathways;
4. To facilitate and support the implementation of the proposed IAS prevention campaigns by these sectors and competent authorities.
Effective start/end date19/11/1931/12/22

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  • Invasive species

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  • Invasive species (management)