KlimaAdapt - Climate-resilient ecosystems using adaptive and mitgating measures

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Climate change is being felt all over the world, including in Flanders. In order to meet the associated challenges, Flanders will have to adapt. With climate mitigation and adaptation, we try to reduce the risks to biodiversity and ecosystem services, or the vulnerability of nature and society to and through climate change. The changing climate may also offer opportunities from which we can benefit. The central concept is to make nature and society more resilient.

This project will map vulnerabilities to climate change, identify opportunities to make ecosystems (in the Natura 2000 network, in rural and urban environments) more resilient and carry out an inventory of mitigating and adaptive (management) measures. These elements will be implemented in instruments such as the climate adaptation tool to be developed (in collaboration with VMM) for Flanders, that indicates where which measure can potentially be implemented.
Effective start/end date1/01/201/01/25

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