Long term ECODYN modelling of the Common Meuse

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The dynamics of the river system determined in space and time. A dynamic model predicts habitat developments in the Common Meuse river reach after restoration. The modelling results of the Dutch and Belgian winterbed support the working group Nature of the Flemish-Dutch bilateral Meuse commission (VNBM).
The ECODYN model is a dynamic model to predict developments in the Common Meuse river system. The model incorporates our understanding of zone and patch structure of vegetation in the river system, governed by flood timing, power, frequency and duration. With these interactions and relationships, a model is built that projects biotic processes over the river system through space and time. With the integration of research results from vegetation succession, forest development and impact of grazing regime at local and regional scale level, a sound modelling approach at ecotope level (scale 1:5000 - 1: 25000) for the river reach is possible.
The basic principles of the management vision of the Meuse by the VNBM are:
• Space for nature development as long as other functions (such as flood control) are not at issue
• Intervention in the natural processes of vegetation development, erosion and sedimentation are kept at a minimum
In the frame of flood protection we will examine if the degree of riparian forest potential (91E0 and 91F0) is in accordance with the management vision. Furthermore these ECODN-model results will support future management decisions.
Effective start/end date1/06/201/03/23

Thematic List 2020

  • Protected nature
  • Water
  • Climate