Management regulation muskrat

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The assignment consists of three parts:

1. Developing a supported code of good practice

Within this first part, the existing 'Code of good practice for the control of muskrats in Flanders', which was jointly developed by INBO at the time, will be updated and elaborated into a fully-fledged and supported management regulation.

2. Final design

Within this part, the above management scheme will be reworked, in accordance with the applicable legislative and technical requirements, into a document which may be annexed to a ministerial decree establishing the final management scheme.

3. Formation and accreditation package

Within the third part of the mission, a training and certification package will be developed to train trappers in the humane, safe and effective application of the trapping methods covered by the management scheme. In concrete terms, a draft of teaching material will be provided for this purpose, which should enable instructors to organise a training course with only a few adaptations. In addition to the theoretical basis, this training package must also pay sufficient attention to practice and interaction and will be tested with practitioners.
Effective start/end date1/05/1931/10/19

Thematic List 2020

  • Wildlife management
  • Water

Thematic list

  • Invasive species (species diversity)