Mosses as biomonitors of atmospheric deposition

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Using moss samples, we want to gain insight into the distribution of nitrogen, heavy metals and microplastics that are dispersed through atmospheric processes.

Nitrogen is a persistent environmental problem in Flanders and large parts of Europe, and therefore one of the most important substances in the work programme of the UNECE Air Convention and the NEC directive.

In the case of heavy metals, mercury is neurotoxic in particular, it accumulates in the food chain and, despite the measures taken, shows no downward trend in the environment. Countries that are signatories to the Minamata Convention, including Belgium, are therefore required to collect information on deposition, cycles and concentrations of mercury in ecosystems.

Microplastics are a growing problem with potentially significant environmental and health impacts.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/24

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  • Soil & air

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