MOVE2GBIF - Mobilizing animal GPS tracking data to Movebank and GBIF

Project Details


The goal of this project is to develop an open source workflow to make animal GPS tracking data at Movebank accessible to the GBIF community. This workflow will consist of best practices and software to allow semi-automated publication of Movebank data to GBIF. We will test these by publishing a set of datasets from NIOO-KNAW and INBO that represent similar and relatively straightforward methodology and quality (avian GPS tracking). Doing so will provide a basis for other use cases of sensor-based occurrence data (acoustic telemetry, bird ringing data, camera traps). In this project, we will:

1. Publish five NIOO-KNAW bird GPS tracking studies as open data on Movebank
2. Create best practices and software to publish Movebank animal GPS tracking data to GBIF
3. Publish 11 bird GPS tracking datasets from Movebank to GBIF
Effective start/end date1/06/2131/12/22

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Thematic List 2020

  • Data & infrastructure