Nature and biodiversity experience in the City: for an improved quality of life and biodiversity

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The project investigates how nature and nature experience, nearby often visited (urban) locations outside the immediate residential environment, such as care institutions, schools and green areas around offices, contribute to the quality of life in the city and which role biodiversity plays here. The focus on these locations is based on the hypothesis that these locations increase the accessibility to nature experience for people from all levels of society who are given low-threshold opportunities get in contact with nature, and this independently of their living environment.
Research on this subject is becoming increasingly relevant (inter) nationally as demand from the actors in question increases. The question of whether, and in which way, the experience of nature causes an increased involvement with nature and how this relates to the social support for nature conservation is central to this project.
Through this two-sided approach, we are investigating whether and how enhancing accessibility to the biodiversity nature experience can improve both the quality of life of humans and the biodiversity of nature in the city.
For this research we use projects in health care institutions, schools and business sites that have been paying more attention to this theme
Effective start/end date2/01/2031/12/24

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  • Ecosystem services

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  • Nature & society