Pilot project Sustainable Bathymetry (EVINBO)

Project Details


While developing a sustainable bathymetry of the Upper Scheldt several pilot projects are implemented that seek, through an intervention in the morphology of the river, to reduce maintenance to a minimum (IMDC, 2014). In the pilot project at Oude Briel an additional aim is to improve the ecological quality of the shallow water zone and sludge. INBO is in charge of the ecological evaluation of this pilot project.
Monitoring is aimed at evaluating the operation ecologically and at gaining a better understanding of the dynamics of the river and the accompanying morphological and biological processes.
The pilot projects will affect local soil conditions so that parameters such as flow rate, grain size or availability of detritus. The hydraulic laboratory Borgerhout will study the water flow speed and a third party will conduct periodic bathymetries.
Effective start/end date1/08/1628/05/18

Thematic list

  • Catchment areas
  • Schelde