Platform appropriate assessment (PPB), partim local conservation status (LSVI) terrrestrial systems, and accelerated mapping of habitat types

  • Paelinckx, DesirĂ© (Cooperator)
  • Froidmont, Marlies (Cooperator)
  • Dhaluin, Pieter (Cooperator)
  • Spanhove, Toon (Project leader)
  • Ruymen, Jan (Cooperator)
  • Op De Beeck, Jorgen (Cooperator)
  • Debusschere, Klaas (Cooperator)
  • Hendrix, Roy (Cooperator)
  • Tamsyn, Ward (Cooperator)
  • T'Jollyn, Filiep (Cooperator)
  • De Bruyn, Adinda (Cooperator)
  • Hendrickx, Pieter (Cooperator)
  • Kumpen, Myriam (Cooperator)

Project Details


This project aims at speeding up site mapping of parts of Habitats Directive areas as well as to collect and disclose data on the local conservation status (LSVI) of Natura 2000 habitat types. We use the assessment framework of Oosterlynck et al. (2014), but also determine the difference with 't Jollyn et al. (2009). It should be decided in advance whether these LSVI provisions apply to all or part of the LSVI criteria. Fieldwork priorities are determined in consultation with the Agency for Nature and Forest (ANB), taking into account the needs of other projects. Existing information sources (e. g. habitat surveys, vegetation surveys in INBOVEG), need to be examined as to their suitability to derive (part of) the LSVI indicators from them. All LSVI (sub-)provisions are entered into a database (with explicit reference to the source of the raw data). The method of making available depends on whether or not a database will created from resources outside this project.
Effective start/end date1/09/15 → 31/12/24

Thematic list

  • Policy
  • Natura 2000 and conservation objectives

Thematic List 2020

  • Protected nature