Recent Evolution of Some Moorland Ponds in 'Turnhouts Vennengebied' Based on Diatom Analysis

  • Denys, Luc (Project leader)
  • Packet, Jo (Cooperator)

Project Details


What was the recent evolution of diatom populations in Haverven, Grote en Kleine Klotteraard, Zwart Water (without sludge removal) and Langven, after the establishment in the period 2009-2012?
In one of the studies in preparation of the development, the composition of the diatom community in the sediment of the aforementioned and other ponds in the Turnhouts ponds area was documented and compared with the historical situation (Hendrickx & Denys 2000). This community is strongly indicative of the buffering state and degree of eutrophication. This project deals with an evaluation of the consequences of the already implemented development measures, within the framework of identifying possible bottlenecks and possible adjustments of the management.
Effective start/end date1/01/1930/06/19

Thematic list

  • Management
  • Heathland and peat moor
  • Eutrophication