Setting up a genetic control system when trading native planting material with the 'Plant van Hier' quality label

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INBO will set up a control system based on genetic profiles as commissioned by ANB. This control system must guarantee the autochtonous character of the plant material traded under the 'Plant van Hier' label. As owner of the quality label, ANB wants to be able to provide guarantees to the users of autochtonous planting material with the 'Plant van Hier' label.

The researchers will develop a methodology for tracing and identifying autochtonous woodland plants of recognised parent material of tree and shrub species important for Flanders. Subsequently, we will build a database with genetic profiles of recognised autochtonous forest reproductive material of these tree and shrub species. The database is the starting point for a control system of planting material marketed originating from autochtonous seed sources.
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/08/24

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