T0-determination Living Lab Hedwige-Prosperpolder (EVINBO)

Project Details


The Prosperpolder and Hedwigepolder (NL) along the Scheldt near the Belgian-Dutch border (left bank) are being depoldered. For this purpose, the retaining dike will be shifted inland. As a result, the current dike will no longer have a water-retaining function and will even be partially excavated.
In anticipation of depoldering, the dike lends itself to carrying out various in situ tests. For example, there are plans to carry out breakthrough, overflow and wave overflow tests, and even calamity exercises, by various Belgian and Dutch research institutes.
The INBO will draw up a situation description (T0) of the current dike. Concretely, this will be done:
- making a vegetation map of the landside of the dike with mapping units developed by the INBO (Vandevoorde et al. 2019). The route measures 2000 m.
- making detailed recordings of 16 sites that will be selected for testing. These recordings will include vegetation sampling, determination of hollowness/coverage, determination of root density based on the manual method and measurement of biomass. In addition, a soil sample is analysed from each site.
Effective start/end date2/05/192/08/21

Thematic list

  • Schelde

Thematic List 2020

  • Protected nature
  • Water