\tLIFE PROGNOSES- LIFE PRotection of Old Growth Forests in Europe: Natural heritage, Outline, Synthesis and Ecosystem Services \t(Strengthening primary and old growth forest protection in Europe by capitalising on World Heritage sites)

Project Details


This project aims to provide the European Commission with a sound scientific basis for better protection of old growth forests in Europe. The project has three objectives:
1. a clear definition and mapping of old growth forests in Europe
2. quantifying the characteristics of old growth forests in comparison with the regularly managed European forest:
- influence on the forest microclimate of forest management versus inaction
- carbon storage
- comparative analysis of structural elements and their role for biodiversity (occurrence of microhabitats, dead wood, etc.).
3. raise awareness of services provided by old growth forests, at local, national and international level
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/24

Thematic List 2020

  • Forest
  • Soil & air