Wood edge plan

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VLM is working on a Wood Edge Plan for Flanders. The plan aims to strengthen the network of woody small landscape elements as a backbone for a climate-robust and biodiverse countryside. INBO is contributing by creating a values framework and a set of indicators.

The social values of woody edges are numerous but poorly documented. They include economic values (e.g., bioenergy, compost,...), ecosystem services (such as wood production, erosion prevention, regional identity,...) and the contribution to biodiversity. The importance of these values differs depending on the target group (farmers, watercourse managers, landscape managers, recreationists...). Mapping these multiple values in a qualitative way is useful for awareness raising and can then be used to develop measurable indicators for sustainable wood edge management that take into account economic values, biodiversity, ecosystem services and cultural values.
Effective start/end date24/10/2231/12/26

Thematic List 2020

  • Agriculture
  • Nature & society