Belgium Eel Country Report 2020 for the WG EEL 2020 on line meeting

Claude Belpaire

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  • 2020


    Amilhat, E., Bajinskis, J., Beaulaton, L., Belpaire, C., Bernotas, P., Boulenger, C., Brämick, U., Briand, C., Bryhn, A., Christoffersen, M., Ciccotti, E., Dekker, W., Diaz, E., Domingos, I., Drouineau, H., Durif, C., Evans, D., Freese, M., Godfrey, J., Gollock, M. & 25 others, van der Hammen, T., Hanel, R., Leone, C., Lozys, L., Mahron, L., Nermer, T., O'Leary, C., Yalçin Özdilek, S., Ingemann Pedersen, M., Pohlmann, J-D., Poole, R., Rosell, R., Sapoundis, A., Sims, K., Sundin, J., Stundyte, R., Svagzdys, A., Taylor, A., Thorstad, E., Tutins, R., Vesala, S., Walker, A., Wariaghli, F., Wickström, H. & Wysujack, K., Nov-2020, 85 ed. 232 p.

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  • Report on the eel stock, fishery and other impacts in Belgium, 2019–2020

    Belpaire, C., Breine, J., Van Wichelen, J., Pauwels, I., Baeyens, R., Coeck, J., Nzau Matondo, B., Ovidio, M., Vergeynst, J., Verhelst, P., De Meyer, J., Adriaens, D., Teunen, L., Bervoets, L., Sony, D., Rollin, X., Dumonceau, F. & Vlietinck, K., Nov-2020, Joint EIFAAC/ICES/GFCM Working Group on Eels (WGEEL) 2020.: Country Reports. 85 ed. Vol. 2. p. 1-48 48 p. (ICES Scientific Reports).

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