DiSSCo-Flanders WP2 - task 2.1, Detailed inventory of the collections: Report

Ann Van Baelen, Nathalie Poot, Lise Beirinckx, Ann Bogaerts, Elke Bellefroid, Tim Claerhout, Sofie De Smedt, Chantal Dugardin, Henry Engledow, Frederik Leliaert, Joke Ossaer, Zjef Pereboom, Patrick Semal, Dieter Slos, Larissa Smirnova, Leen Vandepitte, Emily Veltjen, Maarten Trekels

Research output: Other contributionOnline publication - Web publication


This report presents the results of DiSSCo-Flanders WP2 task 2.1 ‘Detailed inventory of the collections’. Building on previous work done as part of the SYNTHESYS+ project, a survey was set up aimed at obtaining high level information on the natural science collections held by the 14 members of the DiSSCo-Flanders consortium. This information consists of quantitative data on the overall size of the collections, as well as size by taxonomic groups, preservation types, stratigraphic age, geographic region, and level of digitization.

This report focuses primarily on the survey design.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2-May-2022

Thematic List 2020

  • Data & infrastructure

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