Distribution and ecology of the Belgian Campodea species (Diplura: Campodeidae)

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    From 2004 till 2008, Diplura were sampled at 96 localities in Belgium. Nine different species of Campodea were collected: Campodea fragilis Meinert 1865, Campodea lankesteri Silvestri 1912, Campodea lubbocki Silvestri 1912, Campodea meinerti Bagnall 1918, Campodea plusiochaeta Silvestri 1912, Campodea remyi Denis 1930, Campodea rhopalota Denis 1930, Campodea staphylinus Westwood 1842 and Campodea wallacei Bagnall 1918. The ordination technique non-metric multidimensional scaling indicated that pH and temperature/humidity were probably the most important variables determining species composition. However, it was remarkable that almost all combinations of species were encountered in the field, often even under the same stone. As no temporal segregations seem to take place, it remains unknown how these very similar species can occur together.
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    JournalEuropean journal of soil biology
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    Publication statusPublished - 2010

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