inbo/niche_vlaanderen: Release niche vlaanderen 1.2

Johan Van de Wauw, Dries Adriaens, Cécile Herr, Stijn Van Hoey, Peter Desmet

Research output: Other contributionSoftware/Code


NICHE Vlaanderen (Nature Impact Assessment of Changes in Hydro-Ecological Systems) is a hydro-ecological model that predicts the potential occurrence of (ground)water-dependent vegetation types in an area based on information about the (abiotic) site conditions. NICHE Vlaanderen can be used to evaluate the impact of changes in the water management to groundwater-dependent vegetation.

The model is based on a number of location factors that are important for the vegetation: soil type, hydrology, nutrient availability and acidity. Based on calculated abiotic properties of the location NICHE Vlaanderen determines whether certain vegetation types can develop. An additional flooding module allows the user to test whether the predicted vegetations are compatible with a particular flooding regime.

This project is a redevelopment of an existing ArcGIS plugin in Python, without external non-open source dependencies.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 14-Mar-2023

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  • water management

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