INSPIRE Conference 2023

Oldoni, D. (Deelnemer)

Activiteit: Types deelname aan of organisatie van een evenementOrganisatie en deelname aan een congres, workshop, opleiding, seminarie, vergadering


Digital transformation brings in new business models, introducing new digital technologies. In a similar way, INSPIRE is changing the way governments and business deal with geospatial data. Unlocking’ geospatial data remains challenging, being the technological aspects the easiest to solve. Continuous interaction between all parties will ensure that investments and ongoing implementation create a sustainable and extensible infrastructure for European and global gains.

The legal INSPIRE Roadmap has come to an end, however the evolution of the infrastructure and the legal framework will continue. To make this process successful we should assure its sustainability by collaboration and partnership with other actors beyond the initial scope of the Directive.

Modernisation supported by an improved implementation will render the INSPIRE Directive a key instrument to make the necessary data available needed to address environmental and climate challenges (A Green Deal for Europe), increase environmental democracy, and strengthen the emerging data economy (European Common Data Spaces).

The 2023 INSPIRE conference provides an excellent opportunity to consult the community of stakeholders on the initial findings of the GreenData4All impact assessment and possible policy options for the evolution of the INSPIRE Directive into a key instrument to populate the Green Deal Data Space with relevant data. The conference also aims to bridge the gap between green and digital and wants to bring together the different thematic communities.
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