Second Annual Environmental DNA Technical Exchange Workshop

Halfmaerten, D. (Deelnemer)

Activiteit: Types deelname aan of organisatie van een evenementOrganisatie en deelname aan een congres, workshop, opleiding, seminarie, vergadering


This technical exchange workshop focuses on the use of aquatic environmental
DNA (eDNA) for the surveying and monitoring of macrofauna and wetland and
aquatic macrofaunal communities. In particular, the workshop seeks to provide
an opportunity for practitioners to come together to discuss new developments
or challenges with the “nuts and bolts” of eDNA applications and to learn from
each other. As of now, the workshop is intended have a “highly applied” flavor
and, at least for primary presentation slots, is not intended to be a forum for
describing basic research, early-stage technical advances, new theoretical
developments, or mere descriptions of past and on-going eDNA monitoring
projects. A virtual poster/blitz presentation session will be provided that is
more appropriate for these types of information.

Also, for now, the core audience is expected to be comprised of individuals
that are part of government eDNA surveys and monitoring programs, whether
members of government agencies or private contractors/academicians working for
or directly supporting government eDNA programs. Government agencies could
include, among others, federal, provincial, state, county, or municipal